Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP Address (Debunking Myths)

By | April 11, 2019

The topic of whether you need or should utilize a committed IP address or a mutual IP address for WordPress facilitating can be very questionable. Indeed, it’s a theme that surfaces frequently here at Kinsta. Why? Halfway because of the way that there is a ton of wrong and obsolete data on the web with respect to committed IPs and how they work. We’ve discovered that in 99% of situations, you needn’t bother with a devoted IP.

While this may struggle with different things you have perused, hold on for us. Today we’ll jump into a portion of the real contrasts between the two unique setups, what they mean, and ideally, expose a portion of the legends you may have heard coasting around the web in regards to how they sway things, for example, email, SSL, and SEO.

What is an IP address?

What is a committed IP address?

What is a common IP address?

Committed IP versus shared: organizing

Committed IP versus shared: email

Committed IP versus shared: SSL and security

Committed IP versus shared: SEO

What Is an IP Address?

For one thing, it’s essential to comprehend what an IP address is. IP represents web convention and is a location that is allocated to every space on the web (Example: They are mapped to space names utilizing what we call DNS.

Did you realize that WordPress currently controls over 33% all things considered?

Kinsta is glad to have worked with probably the greatest names in the business, for example, GE, Intuit, TripAdvisor, and Buffer. Our WordPress facilitating arrangement is genuinely stand-out, driving organizations all things considered!


You can consider DNS like a telephone directory for the internet. When you type into your location bar, a DNS question is performed by your ISP to demand the nameservers related with the space. The mapping to the IP address is then done off camera by the server which enables you to then utilize the space name to get to it. Without DNS you would need to type something like to get the opportunity to Google. Wouldn’t that be enjoyable! 🤪

How DNS functions

How DNS functions

Presently, there are two kinds of IP addresses being utilized on the web and even locally by ISPs and gadgets, for example, your home switch, IPv4 and IPv6.

Case of IPv4 address:

Case of IPv6 address: 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:d83a:d9ce

We won’t go a lot into insight concerning these today, yet basically what you can be sure of is that the web has been developing so quick that they required a bigger location space. Fundamentally, we came up short on IPs! One reason IPv6 was created was to guarantee the web can continue growing and new IP locations can be appointed. Be that as it may, with regards to deciding if you need a devoted IP address versus a mutual IP address, everything still applies to the two kinds, IPv4 and IPv6.

What Is a Dedicated IP Address?

A devoted IP address is exactly what it sounds like, it implies that your space is doled out an IP address that isn’t shared or utilized by some other areas. It’s your space’s home on the web. You can think about this like a committed telephone line. A committed IP is ordinarily allocated to your area by your WordPress facilitating supplier, or is an extra which can be acquired for a little charge.

What Is a Shared IP Address?

A mutual IP address, in contrast to a committed one, implies that your space is mapped to a location that is shared between numerous areas. A mutual IP is very normal these days with most WordPress facilitating suppliers concerning numerous arrangements, there is no requirement for a committed IP address. In any case, we’ll get into a greater amount of the thinking behind that further underneath.

The majority of our WordPress facilitating plans here at Kinsta accompany one shared IP address. The IPv4 address of your WordPress site can be found on in our MyKinsta dashboard under your the destinations “Data” tab.

WordPress IPv4 address

WordPress IPv4 address

A Shared IP Address Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Shared Hosting

One thing that is vital to call attention to, is that in light of the fact that your site is utilizing a mutual IP address, it doesn’t mean it’s shared facilitating. Shared facilitating commonly implies your sharing equipment and systems administration assets with different clients on a server, which could incorporate an IP address. While a great deal of times these go connected at the hip, that is not generally the situation.

Kinsta is an extraordinary case of where this isn’t valid. We use LXD oversaw has and arranged LXC programming holders for each site. This means each WordPress site is housed in its own segregated holder, which has the majority of the product assets required to run it (Linux, Nginx, PHP, MySQL). The assets are 100% private and are not imparted to any other person or even your own locales. So while we use shared IP addresses, we don’t offer shared facilitating.

Actually, our facilitating stage doesn’t fall into any of the conventional facilitating classes. Our whole framework is based on the Google Cloud Platform and is altogether different from conventional shared, VPS, or committed foundation. Look at a greater amount of our propelled highlights.

Outside IP/Proxy Address

Another sort of IP address you may see concoct certain facilitating suppliers or intermediary servers, (for example, Cloudflare or Sucuri) is the thing that we call an outer IP address. This is normally utilized by hosts that use a heap balancer or administrations that put you behind a web application firewall (WAF), and is the location that different servers see when your webpage associates with another server.

Precedent: is initially mapped to, yet it’s steered through an outside IP: which is what’s utilized by administrations interfacing with your area.

This is vital to comprehend supposing that your site associates with an outsider installment processor like PayPal, you may need to furnish PayPal with the outer IP address so they can whitelist the IP on their end. In case you’re a Kinsta customer, the outside IP address of your WordPress site can be found in our MyKinsta dashboard under the locales “Information” tab.

Devoted IP versus Shared: Networking

The primary segment we might want to cover is the thing that you should think about a devoted IP address with respect to systems administration for facilitating your WordPress locales. On the off chance that you look through the web, you’ll presumably observe a portion of these following reasons:

Utilizing a devoted IP with respect to systems administration enables you to visit your site by means of its IP address (since it the main area mapped to that IP). For instance, on the off chance that you type in you would go legitimately to Google, since this is their committed IP address.

Second, concerning FTP, it likewise gives another simple method to gain admittance to your server if for reasons unknown your DNS was all the while spreading or had as of late changed.

As we would see it, neither of the above reasons are genuine focal points. When was the last time you visited a site by means of its IP address? Likely never. 😉Many just alter their host’s document with respect to reason #2 above. This is a substantially more dependable methodology at any rate.

For certain hosts, the facts demonstrate that running with a committed IP could be profitable as it may give an approach to keep CPU throttling from long-running procedures appended to that IP. In any case, as we would like to think, hosts ought to never be throttling CPUs. We never throttle utilization here at Kinsta. That is actually why we utilize a disengaged holder innovation to guarantee each customer gets the assets they pay for.

Extra port access may be another favorable position some case. In any case, most has today square standard ports because of maltreatment, notwithstanding when issuing committed IPs. This is more often than not because of that reality they are as yet utilizing fundamental suppliers, for example, Google Cloud Platform or AWS which don’t permit certain ports for correspondence. This is set up to anticipate misuse.

Likewise, we’ve had customers additionally get some information about speed in accordance with committed IPs versus shared IPs. The execution of your site won’t be affected by utilizing a mutual IP address. Truth be told, pretty much every customer that moves to Kinsta, even those originating from devoted IP addresses, sees gigantic execution upgrades!

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Committed IP versus Shared: Email

Email is one territory where we once in a while suggest getting a devoted IP. However, there’s a curve. This is normally gainful for extensive volume senders (we’re talking in the 100,000+ messages every year extend). Also, and still, at the end of the day, we don’t suggest getting a committed IP through your facilitating supplier. Actually, in the event that you a run with a committed IP and just send a low volume of email, it could hurt you!

The fundamental reason you would need a devoted IP with respect to sending email from your WordPress site or value-based messages, (for example, internet business deals messages) is that IPs have a notoriety. This is particularly vital with regards to ISPs and conveyance rates as an IPs notoriety can affect your conveyance rate and the capacity to hit your client’s inboxes.

Committed IP – email conveyance rates

Committed IP – email conveyance rates

Here’s the place we haul out the mutual facilitating examination and why you should utilize an outsider email specialist co-op!

A decent method to consider how email functions with run of the mill WordPress has is that it resembles shared facilitating. You are attached to IP tends to that your host has arranged for active email. On the off chance that something turns out badly with that, for example, a customer abruptly spamming, there is an opportunity the IP address could get boycotted for spam. At that point you’re abruptly left helpless before trusting that your host will settle the issue with the supplier or ISP. This could result in spotty conveyance and sit tight occasions for your messages, which is never something to be thankful for.

That is the reason we generally suggest running with an outsider answer for email sending. Never utilize your WordPress facilitating supplier. There are numerous value-based em

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